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OUR STORY Story icon WHAT DOES TAO MEAN? We are guided by the principles of our name "Tao" – means Human in the Filipino language. This is a journey is a human experience.This is about people, coming together to enjoy the rewards of a journey. It began as an adventure, when two friends set sail on old fishing boat with a map but no plan. We discovered a paradise playground of the hundreds of remote islands, reefs and coves of Northern Palawan. We traveled with nomadic fishermen, traded with remote communities and sheltered with local families. We got to know the people and the culture of hospitality and happy exuberance that seems to define the true meaning of life in paradise. It didn't take long before we realised we never wanted to go home, addicted to the boundless freedom of a life in open nature. Exploring the limitless treasures of the archipelago with the raw beauty and magic of life in The Philippines’ final frontier. Along the way meeting young islanders who joined the crew, travelling with us on journeys that changed the course of their lives forever. We wanted to find a way to share this endless adventure with likeminded travellers looking for their own meaning of paradise. In 2006, Tao was founded. A social enterprise with communities as partners. We began taking a handful of travellers on expeditions to experience island life hosted by local families. Today, we are a community of over 200 islanders with a passion and sense of pride, welcoming worldly travellers to our islands. Working, living, learning, teaching, and growing together as a sustainable mico-economy. We created playful camps, homes, schools, farms and livelihood projects along our journey. Matured with experience but still with playful ideas, Tao is a working experimental project and we invite you into our world! Show Edit Destroy